Why detox with Frecious?

We're experts when it comes to juice cleansing. A detox with Frecious will ensure:

High quality juices:
the best technique for slow juicing, 
the highest nutritional value. 


The most informative manuals + a guiding detox app, created by our orthomolecular therapist and health expert

Holland's most extensive detox boxes:
slowjuices, health shots, soups, chicory, detox tea and guidance through our detox app.  

Choose your detox

Select a detox that fits your lifestyle and we'll help you reach your goals.

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Why choose this box?

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What you'll find inside your detox package

We offer the Netherland’s most extensive detox packages. Our high quality juices are accompanied by extensively researched and carefully compiled manuals. This is what you’ll find inside your detox box:

Organic slowjuices 

Each detox is filled with organic vegetable slowjuices, soups, health shots, chicory and detox tea.

Detox manual & email 

You'll receive a digital manual and daily emails. Full of relevant information, tips and support; so you'll be able to optimize your results. 

Frecious's detox app

Our detox app will remind you which juice to take and when to take a moment to rest and reflect. It also offers tips and support from our orthomolecular therapist and health expert Annick.


 A clear daily schedule

Our detox guides comes with a daily schedule and instructions. Are you doing the 3 to 5 day juice cleanse? Download our Detox-app.



A grocery list 

With the mild detox you'll receive a grocery list. Simply check off the list to conveniently preparing the healthiest recipes.



Post detox benefits

Maintain your results with the the healthiest recipes, building good eating habits that last. 







  • Your body needs different nutrients each season. As the weather changes, so do our ingredients. 

  • Periodically checking in with yourself and evaluating your eating habits will make it easier to
    stay on track and in shape. 

  • You'll feel summer-ready all year round. 
  • We recommend doing a detox every 3 months.



My body was resetting itself. After 7 days I felt reborn. My body feels great. No more stomach and head ache, and I'm not craving sweets or unhealthy snacks.

Vivian Reijs vivonline.nl

For years I've had Irritable Bowel Syndorome and during as well as after the detox I experience less issues in my tummy. I find this a very useful product.

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Are you ready for a better version of yourself?

Klaar om jezelf naar het volgende niveau te tillen?

Are you ready to take yourself to the next level? 




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