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What is Juice and Dinner?

The Juice and Dinner program is a five-day detox cleanse that involves fasting on vegetable juices until dinner. During the day, you nourish yourself with high-quality cold-pressed vegetable juices, and in the evening, you indulge in a nutritious vegan meal.

This detox is perfect for you if:

• You want to detox during the day but still have the option to eat (together) in the evening.

• You want to ease into a full juice cleanse.

• You prefer a gentle approach to detoxification.


What do you get?

This program is easy to follow and fits into your busy lifestyle (although taking some rest during your detox is recommended).


  • 20 organic cold-pressed juices
    You'll receive 4 premium vegetable juices for each day. Packed with fresh, high-quality vegetables to provide you with optimal nutrition.

  • Chicory coffee
    This box includes 8 servings of chicory coffee. Chicory is a delicious and responsible caffeine-free coffee substitute. Perfect for a refreshing break.

  • Detox tea
    This tea is a delightful blend of green tea, birch leaf, barley grass, fennel, anise, and nettle. You can enjoy this tea at any time of the day.

  • Accompanying information
    You'll receive a detox guide (PDF) that contains everything you need to know! Additionally, you'll receive daily emails with helpful tips, guidance, and interesting facts.

  • Plant-based detox meals
    If you prefer to enjoy a meal with your family or just to have a satisfying dinner, this detox box is perfect for you. You'll receive five delicious ready-to-eat vegan meals, packed with vegetables and exciting flavors:

    • Sunkissed Peanut Stew
      quinoa [water, quinoa] 23%, organic tomato, water, sweet potato 9%, chickpeas [chickpeas, water, salt], sugar snaps 5%, PEANUT 4%, potato, spinach leaves, white onion, raisins, PEANUT butter 3%, ginger, garlic, red chili pepper, sea salt, sunflower oil, cumin powder, coriander seed, cinnamon, ginger powder.

    • Pumpkin Paradise
      quinoa [water, quinoa] 32%, butternut squash 19%, grilled pepper [red pepper, water, vinegar, salt], red cabbage 10%, chickpeas [chickpeas, water, salt], WALNUTS, onion, tomato puree, raisins 2%, water, extra virgin olive oil, white vinegar, agave syrup, sea salt, flat-leaf parsley, garlic, cumin powder, coriander seed, cinnamon 0.1, paprika powder, turmeric powder, black pepper.

    • Chili con Amor
      whole grain rice [water, whole grain rice] 23%, brown lentils [lentils, water], sweet potato 10%, organic tomato, corn, kidney beans, onion, cauliflower, red onion, bell pepper 4%, tomato puree, spinach, jalapenos [sliced jalapeno pepper, water, vinegar, salt], sunflower oil, lemon juice, coriander, sea salt, jalapenos 0.2, garlic, smoked paprika powder, cumin powder, garlic powder, paprika powder, chipotle flakes.

    • Popeye Power

      whole grain basmati rice [water, whole grain rice] 21%, spinach 15%, coconut milk [organic coconut extract, water] 12%, organic tomato, celeriac 9%, potato, peas, red onion 5%, chickpeas [chickpeas, water, salt], onion, ginger, green chili pepper, garlic, white vinegar, sunflower oil, garam masala [cumin seeds, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, aniseed, cardamom, garlic, caraway seeds, rapeseed oil], sea salt, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, agave syrup, fenugreek, white pepper.

    • Taj ma Dahl
      red lentils 21%, zucchini 15%, bimi 10%, coconut flakes 1%, coconut milk [organic coconut extract, water], sea salt, agave syrup, tamari [water, SOYbeans, rice, water, salt, flavoring], whole grain basmati rice [water, whole grain rice], turmeric powder, caraway seeds, MUSTARD seeds, smoked paprika powder, black pepper, bell pepper, sunflower oil, onion, ginger, coriander, garlic, red chili pepper.

Help yourself with your health goals

Are you working towards a healthier lifestyle?

Juice fasting until dinner can contribute to your journey.


  • Weight: Limit your calorie intake during the day.
  • Detox: The vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices provide choline. Choline supports the cleansing of the body by the liver.
  • Energy: The vegetables contain nutrients like iron, magnesium, folate, and vitamin B6, which promote your energy metabolism.
  • Healthy habits: Reset your eating patterns and integrate sustainable healthy habits.


Give yourself a fresh start on the path to a healthier lifestyle!

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Which detox should I choose?

A detox can be quite challenging. Especially if it's your first time or if you're aiming for quick results. Our advice is to really take the time to decide the right time to start the detox. Keep in mind that you should start a detox when you're not in a very busy or stressful moment in your life.

  • A 3-day juice cleanse equals "cleaning the biggest mess in your home"
  • A 5-day juice cleanse can be compared to "vacuum cleaning and dusting your home"
  • A 7-day juice cleanse is "thorough cleaning such as doing the windows and mopping the floors"

How healthy are you living at the moment? And have you done a detox before? If this is your first time doing a detox, we advise you to start with a 3-day juice cleanse.

How do I prepare for my detox?

Prior to starting your detox, it is recommended to start cutting out foods that are a burden for your liver and digestive system. If you commit to this, your body will be able to clean out toxins more efficiently and release energy better.

  • 7 days before starting: cut down on soda, pastries, salty snacks, fried food, alcohol, and packaged foods
  • 5 days before starting: cut down on coffee, red meat, white flour products, sweet products (also artificial sweeteners and other sugary products
  • 3 days before starting: wheat bread, dairy, and pasta
  • 1 day before starting: exclusively eat vegetables and fruit

Before starting your detox it is recommended to eat as much pure and unprocessed food. In the manual that we send you by email after your order, you will find all the information needed to make your detox as successful as possible. Eat as much vegetables and fruit, in combination with easily digestible grains, like spelt bread, rice cakes, oatmeal, sweet potato, and quinoa. Also easily digestible protein like egg, poultry, and fish. If possible, go for organic and visit a local or farmer's market. Also in the supermarket, you will find plenty of options. Make sure to drink at least 1,5 to two liters of water. Herbal tea is also a great option!

I don't have a freezer/ enough freezer space

If you plan on doing a detox and you have no room for the juices (or don't have a freezer), it is best to arrange your delivery one day before starting your detox. You can then defrost the juices of day 1 in your fridge. If you wrap the other juices in a newspaper and put them in the back of the fridge, they will thaw slowly.

Once thawed, the juices will be good to drink for no more than 3 days. A 5-day juice cleanse or mild detox is not recommended if you have no freezer or not enough freezer space.

  • >All of our products have to be stored in the freezer
  • In a standard freezer drawer, you can fit 44 bottles of vegetable juice
  • One bottle has a height of 14,5 cm and a diameter of 5,5 centimeters
  • A standard freezer drawer that is part of a fridge has a length of 415 mm, a width of 290 mm, and a height of 135 mm.

I'm allergic to some ingredients. Can I still do the Juice & Dinner program?

You have the complete freedom to exchange the juices. Especially if you have an allergy or intolerance this is good to know. It is best to add a comment in the section 'delivery instructions or allergies', with the things you are allergic to. This way we can modify your order if there are allergies in you might have missed, by manually replacing your juices.

It is not possible to remove ingredients from the meals. However, we can replace the whole meal. This means that you will receive one or more of the same meals. We will contact you to discuss your dietary wishes.

Caution: If you are doing a detox, the (digital) detox schedule you receive by email right after ordering, will not exactly match the contents of your box. This has no other negative effect on your detox.

Are there instructions for the Juice & Dinner program?

Yes, there are! You will receive the digital manual by email on the day of your purchase. You also view this in the detox app. Unfortunately, this email often arrives in the spam box (especially Hotmail), where emails here are automatically removed.

To prevent you from losing the manual, look for an email with the name Sapvastenkuur / Juice Cleanse | Handleiding / Instructions

Kan ik 2x Detox thee ontvangen i.p.v. Cichorei koffie of andersom?

Of course! You can let us know in the comment section at the check-out right under the calendar.

When do I drink chicory and how do I prepare it?

During the detox, you are allowed to drink chicory coffee instead of regular coffee. You can prepare this easily by adding boiled water to two tea spoons of chicory.

Drink your coffee separate from your juices, by doing this you will optimally absorb the nutrients of Frecious Slowjuices.

Feeling hungry during the detox? That is your cue to drink a cup of chicory coffee.




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