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What can I expect from the Intermittent Fasting box?

You can use this box for 4 weeks in total. During the Frecious Intermittent Fasting Month, you have two days per week that you are ‘fasting’. You can decide which day you are ‘fasting’, two days in a row or spread out over the week. On a ‘fasting day’ you eat within an 8-hour window, for example, between 11:00 and 19:00. Outside this 8-hour window you don’t eat anything. This means that you have an empty stomach for 16 hours which gives your body the opportunity to switch to burning fat. 

On a fasting day, you follow the Frecious Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan. This involves two Frecious juices and a meal with a recommended recipe. On other days, you can eat whatever you like, but try following the instructions that we provide with your Frecious order. Also, during these days you take one juice daily.    

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When do I drink Frecious?

You can drink Frecious any time of the day. Preferably you should drink juice at least 15 minutes before eating something for optimal body intake. Drink Frecious daily as part of your healthy habits or during a detox.

I don't have a freezer/ enough freezer space

If you plan on doing a detox and you have no room for the juices (or don't have a freezer), it is best to arrange your delivery one day before starting your detox. You can then defrost the juices of day 1 in your fridge. If you wrap the other juices in a newspaper and put them in the back of the fridge, they will thaw slowly. Once thawed, the juices will be good to drink for no more than 3 days.

A 5-day juice cleanse or mild detox is not recommended if you have no freezer or not enough freezer space. All of our products have to be stored in the freezer.


  • In a standard freezer drawer, you can fit 44 bottles of vegetable juice
  • One bottle has a height of 14,5 cm and a diameter of 5,5 centimeters
  • A standard freezer drawer that is part of a fridge has a length of 415 mm, a width of 290 mm, and a height of 135 mm

The Frecious ritual

Drink your thawed vegetable juice directly after waking up. Also directly get a new bottle from your freezer and put it out on the refrigerator so it can thaw for 24 hours. A guaranteed health boost for the next day. Don’t want to wait too long? Put the Frecious bottle in a bowl of warm water. Never put the bottle in the microwave. More tips for thawing bottles you can find in the hand-out that you receive with the delivery.

Allergy information

Free of gluten and lactose.




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